Shawill Make-up Blusher is worth more than what it was paid for.

Up to this day and my age, I still wish that they make a real-life cinematic version of Disney’s Aladdin. I swear I’ll be the first in line once it hits cinemas.

But a girl can only wish. At least, I have my Shawill Make-up Blusher with me that will gladly fill my mind with gems-filled Arabian nights and mischievous flying carpets.

At Php89 a pop (yes, eighty-nine pesos; doesn’t get any better than that), it is valuable find at Watson’s. The brand itself might be compared to that elusive pot of gold at the bottom part of a pirate’s chest. Unless you seek for it and revel at the bargained beauties it has to offer, you wouldn’t know its surprising value. This blush I got is in the shade 003 and is a warm pink-neutral that is buildable. Don’t expect pigmentation in one stroke, so this is a friend to those ladies with compulsive blush tendencies.

It also has that silver sheen if you look closely and once worn, it gives that soft, ethereal glow on the cheeks. And look at that packaging—what’s not to love? Sure, it’s plastic (not stainless steel/platinum, despite how it looks) but it doesn’t feel cheap or too fragile. It comes with a brush at the bottom part of the compact, too. But for its price, I don’t recommend the brush with its stiff bristles.

that’s a Shawill single shadow on the left

swatch of blush on the left, eyeshadow on the right

Despite the sheerness of this gem, it isn’t too bad. The price point doesn’t hurt either. I would repurchase if I ever do run out. But if the treasure chest suddenly decides to run amok and drop its contents onto the ocean floor… then get this bargained gem before it disappears forever. 🙂



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