Wishlist: The Body Shop!

One of these days, I’ll be heading off to my nearest The Body Shop. These items have been in my head for quite a long time already. I think it’s time to get them off of my head. 😀

1. Watermelon Lotion

It smells like real watermelons, as the name suggests. I’m not the biggest fan of lotions but I can see myself slathering this on my lazy self everyday. Totally worth every penny, I tell you.

2. Single Eyeshadow

One swipe of that metallic silver shadow (that rightmost shadow in the picture), and I was caught—hook, line and sinker. It goes on like butter, is immensely pigmented and reminds me of a starry night (which is rare in my city). I can now see my eyes twinkling. I might also indulge in other shades.

3. Tea Tree Cleansing Wipes

Did I mention I’m the laziest person on earth? There are dog-tired nights when I just can’t be bothered removing makeup in the traditional way. These wipes will save my face from getting beaten down in the future. The tea tree oil is a good friend to blemished skin, too.

4. White Musk (For Men) Eau de Toilette

When I got a whiff of this, I suddenly blurted out to my accompanying friend at that nearby The Body Shop: I want my future boyfriend to smell like this. This is like Amortentia in a bottle, seriously. Since I do not have a prospective future boyfriend yet (and haven’t sniffed one wearing this on a 3-meter radius), I’d rather start wearing this on myself. It’s “for men” but it sure does can be worn by the fairer sex. The musk isn’t too masculine and every whiff reminds me of something cuddly, warm and fantasy-like.

Okay, maybe I want a teddy bear for Christmas. Not a real-life boy toy.




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