This Fashon 21 Eyeshadow Trio is More Than Just the Cherry on Top

I love it when coffee shops go the extra mile. I mean, every coffee shop (besides the quintessential Starbucks) should do as Hollys Coffee (all the way from Korea!) does. That blob of cherry on top of their Black Forest Mochaccino had my full attention and appreciation. ❤

My old pot of Fashion 21 Eyeshadow Trio in 03 had gotten me on my knees a long time ago but digging it out of my drawer reminded me of how it’s my cherry-on-top after every face-of-the-day.

It’s an eyeshadow trio that boasts of a shimmery champagne with the hints of peach, a shimmery ivory and a shimmery brown-taupe with the hints of purple. This isn’t for matte lovers, but it shouldn’t turn away them completely. Once applied, it goes on smooth, blends easily and the shimmer isn’t overpowering (no disco-ball eyes here).

What I love about this is how it turns dull, tired eyes into I’ve-had-8-hours-of-sleep peepers. The neutral combo isn’t even rocket science; any eyeshadow newbie can work with this. I especially love the ivory and champagne on my tear ducts, brow bone, and even on the middle of the lid. The taupe is pretty on the crease and gives you that understated daytime smoky effect. The light reflects on it beautifully and I received a compliment once while wearing this.
For Php150 ($3) a piece, you can’t go wrong. This is one versatile baby, too as it pairs well with any shadow you possess in your collection.

I hope you found your own cherries on top, too—whether in your makeup cabinet or in your life! 😀



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