Holiday Gift-Giving Guide With the Beauty Bar

Seriously, I get bankrupt every academic term in my school. There’s too many projects and too many instances of churning out *Ninoys and **Roxases, especially when final examinations are looming on the horizon. When the holidays come, shops like The Beauty Bar is flooding my email with this. Talk about wrong timing! Just cause I still can’t feel the December atmosphere with my head chock-full of deadlines. 😮

But I won’t let your spirits down with my rant (sorry about that). 😛 Despite my empty wallet, I’m still lemming over those Persian Blues set (3 mini bottles) and Chandelier Gold Luxurious Gift Set. The musk and the vanilla scents are what I desperately need in this holiday season and to relieve me of this unwanted stress.

If you’re from the Philippines, you can avoid the traffic jams and crowded malls by heading to The Beauty Bar’s online site. Payments can be made through credit cards or GCash and free shipping for a minimum of Php2500 worth of items! For international beauties, I apologize but as of today, the company hasn’t opened their doors yet to you. But if you have good friends / relatives in our archipelago, you can always hint at a particular gift set that you’re lemming for, too. 😉

Check their website for more holiday gift ideas. Have a great holiday ahead! *goes on counting the remaining school days*


*Php500 ($10)

**Php100 ($2)


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