My Ever-Changing Foundation Routine

Like how I choose my Lipstick-of-the-Day, I love a bit of variety. And in all things mixed and matched, my foundation routine changes depending on the type of weather, when the sun rises or sets, and my over-all mood.

For a day-to-day basis, I choose a medium-coverage foundation and heavy concealers. Since I am in my school uniform (executive/corporate attire) from Monday to Friday, my face should be fit for a corporate, working-girl-vibe environment.

1. I start off with a face sunblock as a moisturizer, then I use my Ellana Minerals Sheer Velvet HD Powder Primer as a base. I use my Marionnaud sponge for buffing the powder in. I used to prime with Bare Escentuals’ Prime Time but I can’t find a replacement from my local eBay or in my local stores. This powder primer works as good as Prime Time does.

2. I top then with my Clinique SuperFit foundation, which I believe is discontinued (why do they always discontinue HG products?!). It’s long-wearing and evens out my skin tone beautifully. It also provides medium coverage which I like. Honestly, it doesn’t cover up every acne mark but that’s how I like it. I’m not into heavy, mask-like foundations anyway. I use my clean fingers to blend it in.

3. Using NYX Concealer in a Jar (Light), I cover up angry, red blemishes and blend it in with my fingers. I love how creamy this is, but it doesn’t slide off. It pretty much stays put the whole day. I also put on my Revlon Age Defying Concealer under my eyes — covers up circles & no shimmer here!

4. I set everything with my Ellana Minerals Intensive Coverage Mineral Foundation in Hazelnut Latte using my Marionnaud kabuki. It isn’t your regular setting powder but it gives that airbrushed vibe without the cake-ness that I’m looking for. Perfect. 🙂

And this where the variety comes in. 😀

Since my daily Monday-Friday routine is all-out matte, sometimes I crave for a little glow. This is where my Christian Breton No Make Up Baked Powder takes shine. It’s not as popular as NARS or Dior, but this gem is at their realms when it comes to luxurious products. You know me and my bargain fetish — so it was a miracle when I spotted this a year ago with a 70% off price tag at Marionnaud! I can’t let that pass! 😛 It gives off this ethereal glow on the face minus the obvious glitter and shine. It contains soft shimmer and once blended, I can hardly detect it. I get compliments every time I wear this. A little goes a long way too so this will last me for a long, long time.

I also got this setting powder from Daiso/Saizen and it has that not-matte, not-shimmery factor which I love. It has a slight sheen to it when blended on the face and Php88 per 8-grams tub is surely a winner in my budget. It isn’t completely transparent so expect a shift in color on your face… but not too much. It’s an Asian product so it didn’t break my sensitive, acne-prone skin out. Score!

Lastly, if I’m racing against time in the morning (my bed is too comfy to ever leave it), I just don’t have the luxury of putting setting powders or primers. This is where Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse comes in. As long as you put on that moisturizer/sunblock before slapping it on, the mousse foundation will be your BFF in the base department. Once blended, it feels like you’ve got foundation+setting powder on your face already. It’s got that bad rep online about flakiness, etc. but I think this will only suit oily-skinned gals like me. So be wary if you’ve got some extra dry patches on your face!

So what’s your foundation routine? Any recommendations for heavy coverage bases? I might try one someday… since I’m on my way to an on-the-job training next academic term! 😀



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