Girl Stuff Chestnut Nail Polish Lures Me to the Dark Side

There’s this meme that has been going around for months — COME TO THE DARK SIDE! WE HAVE COOKIES! I, for one, can never relate moist, piping hot, chocolate chip cookies to the “dark side” (wherever that may be).

But for this kind of nail polish shade, I think I have just been brought to that proverbial side of the town. Mind you, I never wear these kinds of colors. I am always, always on the safe side — nudes, pastels, shimmer/glitter (but never with a black base). What urged me to buy this shade is still a mystery to me. Lord Voldemort or the Darth Vader might have pushed a button, perhaps?

Or maybe I just got lured in with the incoming holiday season.

Since I cannot go completely dark, I opted to layer on some glitter polish from Bobbie (The Big Bang) to liven things up a bit. Chestnut is a brownish red – violet creme that goes on crazy-opaque in ONE coat. The bottle has a nice weight to it. It also doesn’t look cheap despite the price (Php100/$2 a pop). Believe it or not, this brand’s target market is tweens (that awkward stage between little girl and full-blown adolescent). 😀

Since The Big Bang has a grayish base to it, I thought it was the perfect pair to with this sultry shade. I wore this today to a final exam and I got a lot of compliments! Despite the dark rainclouds (and the lack of sleep), wearing this was that ray of sunshine I desperately needed. 🙂

There’s a lot of shades available and I got another one in Joy. I’ll probably review that on a separate blog post. I spotted Girl Stuff at SM Mall of Asia; there are a lot of outlets around the city, I believe. Because of its tween-friendly interiors, you might have overlooked it. I had once, but I took the chance.

Going to the dark side isn’t so bad, after all. 😉


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