Ever Bilena Garden Flowers in Plum Blossom is Class in a Bottle

Spring goes, hundreds of flowers fall.
Spring comes, hundreds of flowers blossom.
In front of the eyes, everything goes on ever.
On the heads, showing the year of age soon comes.
Who can say when spring ends, all flowers fall down?
Last night, in front-yard, a branch of plum flower blossomed.

Cáo tật thị chúng (Report of My Illness) by Mãn Giác

You wouldn’t really know that this costs as much as your cup of frappuccino in your nearest Starbucks. Really. I wore this once last week and this classmate of mine, decked in dirt-free loafers and polo shirt with that familiar etched crocodile, couldn’t help but ask what I was wearing. No, she didn’t comment on my usual jeans-and-tee combo but on my choice of scent. I gladly told her about the Php125-worth gem I found at Robinson’s department store. She kept quiet but I could see her secret grin. 😀

What attracted me to this was its scent once I put the roller-ball near my nose. It conjured up images of powder-scented babies, cashmere sweaters and my Ivory lavender body wash. Thank heavens for a tester, and once it hit my wrist, I was overwhelmed by the shot of alcohol that sniggered its way up. I was immediately turned off and replaced the tester on its shelf, thinking I shouldn’t have played with fire in the first place. It gave me that requisite headache afterwards.

Then I went around the store, trying to forget the hints of musk and powder I have serendipitously met with that alcohol. But you know, like that hot summer fling, you can’t help but go back to temptation. So after hauling a few stuff for stocking stuffers, I headed my way back to Ever Bilena’s stall and reached for the Plum Blossom again. This time, I didn’t reach for the tester anymore, but plopped a bottle onto my basket. I tested it again when I went back home and the alcohol was gone. As if nothing happened, as if we didn’t have a thing. Thus I don’t regret it and I am bringing this fling out of Vegas, to you, and to the world. My classmate didn’t seem to mind. 🙂

The Garden Flowers collection also come in other scents so you may want to check them out in your nearest Ever Bilena counters. I will surely be wearing this scent for the rest of the holidays. With a cup of piping hot chocolate in hand, I am ready to snuggle and be snuggled.




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