Like Long Lost Sisters: Milani Berry Rich and Wet n Wild Cinnamon

Mom still has this ongoing sermon with me that I have too many lipsticks. And her sermon came to a halt (or to an abrupt change, you decide) the other day when she found these two lipsticks in my drawer. Yes, she goes through my lipsticks like it’s her business (not complaining though). šŸ˜›

“Aren’t these the same colors? Why the need for a duplicate?” I took one glance and I got reminded how I haven’t worn these shades out yet. They look scary for daytime, to be honest, but really, I need to learn how to be bad-@$$ at times. Like how mom is.

Top: Berry Rich (left) and Cinnamon (right) — can you spot the difference?

Milani Berry Rich Lipstick and Wet n Wild Cinnamon 509A do not exactly match their namesakes. Both lipsticks go on as cherry reds, with a pink undertone. Cinnamon is creamier than Berry Rich, and Berry Rich lasts longer on the lips. These are great for cool-toned girls but can also work for warm tones like me. I tried this around the house but I’m too scared it’d look too garish outside.

But like mom always says, some risks are worth taking on, especially letting go of certain duplicates in your stash. šŸ˜€ I love you, mom, but no, I’m not letting go one of the two. Besides, it’s a rarity to find long-lost twins like these, despite my lack of red-lips-on-daytime courage.



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