Summer in a Stick: Fashion 21 Blush Stick in 05

I can’t wait till I finish my last academic term! A few weeks more, Noi, and you’re out of undergrad school! I still have an on-the-job training next semester but that doesn’t count. I won’t see a single classroom anymore, till the next five to ten years (ahoy, grad school!).

But as temperatures rise in and out of the classrooms (sweating buckets daily, ugh), this Fashion 21 Blush Stick in 05 is here to stay through brainstorming sessions, midterm reports and eyeing for intense stares. 😛

And when I say here to stay, the cream-to-powder formula stays on for a full work/school day. If you’re familiar with this concept, it is similar to those NARS Multiples (which I don’t have; can’t justify the price tag). The shade 05 is a peach bronze with fine, fine gold glitter that isn’t obvious on the cheeks. On my light-medium Asian skin, it goes on as a bronzed blush. I tried this on someone morena / dark-skinned (think Jennifer Lopez to Zoe Zaldana) and it gave off that shimmery bronze that brought out the cheekbones beautifully.

At Php150 ($3) a pop, this drugstore dupe isn’t half-bad. Sure, it has cheap packaging (too scared to twist it all up; might not twist back down) and beauty snobs might side-eye you to oblivion, but this is worth keeping. Besides, this is summer in a stick, minus the UV rays and buckets of sweat. You can find this in all department stores and Watson’s which carry Fashion 21 (sub-brand of Fanny Serrano Cosmetics)… and limited to Philippine-based Filipinos only.

Top: swatched heavily and blended; Bottom: see those glitter specks? the BOMB.

What are your own NARS Multiple dupes? That will probably cost me a fortune with all those shipping & customs costs? 😛



One comment

  1. sheena · December 5, 2012

    love this blush.i’ve got 2 blusher of this code 3 (light purple) n 7 (peach).I live in malaysia and i’ve got it from my auntie which she just cme back from philipines. She sell to me RM25 for each i guess on peso 255plus!!Do u have any idea where i can find the dropshiper of this blush?

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