Another Round of Applause for Shawill: Vivid Lipgloss and Showcase Blush!

Don’t the names remind you of Vegas showgirls and late-night extravaganzas? This set desperately needs a Striking lipstick and you’re all set to paint the town red. 😀

I have featured a Shawill blush before but that was (assuming) part of their old collection. This time, these items look spankin’ new and ready to be consumed! Forgive me, but both blush and lipgloss look like French pastries. Yum.

I got a shade called Natural Beige since its companions consist of pinks, peaches and a borderline pinkish-red (not that comfortable yet). I was hoping for a natural flush from this since I love to layer on my full-bodied red and pink lipsticks. It did not disappoint. It has the slightest hint of peach but it goes on natural on the cheeks, as if you’ve been out on the sun. The only major FAIL for this gem? The packaging. No words on how it suddenly chipped when I took it out of the box for a spin. 😦 The puff also takes up space on top thus it looks way bulky, compared to the 4-gram blush inside the compartment.

All is forgiven though. I can still close it but I’m wary about traveling with this. This stays home, I guess, which is a bummer. At Php99 ($2) a pop though, I can’t really complain. Besides, it goes on buttery and smooth on the cheeks and the color is buildable. There’s no chance of going overboard on blush!

The lipgloss on the other hand is a saint. Despite its golden non-gritty glitter that spells S-E-X-Y, this gloss goes on smooth, non-sticky and pigmented. The ingredients list Vaselline, Lanolin and Beeswax so those might have turned this gloss into a glossy, pigmented, shimmery balm. ♥ My bare lips have no color at all so this gloss is the easiest way to give shine and color faster than a New York minute! I got mine in shade 05 which is a borderline coral-pink with multi-colored shimmer. At Php188 ($4.37) a pop, I’m craving to go back for more. I have my eye on a translucent golden shade. 😀

You can find Shawill products at selected Watson’s and Landmark department stores.



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