A Midweek Little Haul

My eBay package hasn’t arrived yet (much to my dismay) since I forgone to look at the seller’s little disclaimer: she’s currently away & will be back to business next week. Note to self? Read disclaimers, seller’s notes and whatnots. /facepalm

So to compensate for my absent-mindedness this week (lame excuse, I know), I found stuff that fit my meager budget:Those are Ever Bilena Pro Glitter Eyeshadows (Php100/$2.32) in Snow in the Moonlight, Cinnamon Crush and Dark Sherbet, E.L.F Nail Polish (Php125/$2.90) in Moonlight and Careline Lipstick (Php100/$2.32) in Butter Scotch. I’m not sure if the Ever Bilena ones are new since I just spotted them now. You apply them with a built-in sponge-tipped wand and it’s pretty convenient especially for touch-ups. I got the E.L.F polish for 20% off and I can see myself using that Careline Lipstick daily.

Personally, I think it’s not too bad for a midweek haul. 😀 I might post a review about these shadow ‘pens’ but I’m on a slow blogging mode. I’m on the last legs of my final project for my major and it’s been keeping me awake. Doing these little hauls and sticking to a budget definitely keeps the stress away.

A few days more till Friday.. just a little bit more and you’re there! 🙂



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