Give Your Face A Break: Alba Botanica Even Advanced Enzyme Scrub

I’ve never been a Demi Lovato fan (more of a Selena Gomez, among the Disney girls) but this song is just stuck in my head. And in my heart. Kudos to Demi for songs like this and the Lightweight one. But before we get too emotional, let’s go back to the topic at hand.

Say hello to my newfound love! This scrub comes from Alba Botanica’s Even Advanced line that promotes skin clarity and evenness of skin tone (I believe the line won’t whiten, but more of getting rid of spots/discoloration). This scrub promises to exfoliate away dullness for an even complexion. My skin is sensitive, acne-prone and is more effective than your coffee filter. All the gunk and dirt and pollution get stuck in my pores and no, it isn’t a pretty image.. but bear with me for awhile. 🙂

Texture: It’s gritty but not harsh-gritty. Once you spread the stuff on your face, it doesn’t scrape the skin and I love that. Since St. Ives’ notorious Apricot scrub will never work on me, this gets the job done without that scraped, dry feeling afterwards. My face feels soft, and this somehow lessens the outbreak of zits.

Ingredients: The brand is organic and shells out products that are free of parabens, phthalates and SLS. What excites me is the algae/seaweed component. Since I love my The Body Shop Seaweed Mattifying Lotion, I’m guessing seaweed and my skin are destined for each other. The organic ingredients also include walnut, sunflower seed oil, aloe leaf juice, chamomile, grapefruit extract, gardenia fruit extract, grape seed powder, corn cob powder, linseed oil, jojoba oil and other unfamiliar species that a botanist will be proud of. 😛

Price: Alba Botanica is pretty affordable for an imported organic brand. This costs less than Php500 / $12 and since I use it once/twice a week, this will last me for months. Locally, I can’t find it in my usual drugstores/department stores so the limited availability must be off-putting for some. This can be purchased in all Healthy Options outlets.

Lastly, I always, always read the first line at the back before I start using it. Sometimes, you need a touch of the tough stuff to get your glow on. No truer words than those. 🙂

What’s your favorite facial scrub?




  1. pearlessence · March 23, 2012

    I’m really trying to find something that will unclog pores and detox well without scrubbing… not having too much luck though 😦

    • Noi · March 23, 2012

      have you tried facial masks? i use the body shop’s tea tree face mask & it’s nice, but i have to unfortunately scrub my face first (this doesn’t really help, does it? lol)
      sorry if i couldn’t be of any help! wish i can find a non-scrubbing product too that works..

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