My Perfect Nude: Bobbie Premium Nail Creme in Mudslide

I just realized that I do not own a single pair of nude pumps/heels. I own a lacey, boot-like pumps which is a pain if worn too long (but girls got to have their shoes, right?). And that sexy kitten on the picture? Barbie by Shubizz (yes, the doll has paired with a local shoe line for young women–who would’ve thought?) doesn’t have a proper size 9. Too loose, and the 8 constricts my foot. No 8.5s either.

When can I find that perfect black pumps? And add those perfect nude pumps to the list as well.

Fortunately, I found my Goldilocks in the nail polish department with Bobbie’s Mudslide. 😀

Pardon me, but all these pictures were captured with indoor light, since I wasn’t able to catch up with blogging stuff during daytime. It still captures the true color though but in real life, it’s much darker. Mudslide is a taupe/dark beige that’s filled with multicolored shimmer. The shimmer isn’t over the top and it somehow diffuses with the beige base.

a more true-to-life swatch (pardon the crumbs on my pinkie :P)

And in real life too, I can actually consider this as a cheaper dupe for Butter London’s All Hail the Queen. A Php35.50 ($0.83) versus a £14 ($18.58) battle… but I’m all arms for the penny-pinching version. This may turn off a handful of nail/beauty snobs though so if you live in the same area as mine, you can get your Butter London cravings in these locations.

You can find Bobbie nail cremes at all department stores and drugstores (that carry nail polish). No brainer, no nonsense color and definitely safe for the workplace… what more can you ask for? 🙂



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