Summer Blushing and A Tug-of-War with Kindle

Before anything else, this is a heavy-image post so take caution when jumping-to-read-more. 😛 For this spring/summer, I’m drawn to matte, glowing cheeks. Matte isn’t always equal to glowing but with my affinity with shimmery shadows, matte blushes save me from going overboard. And what better way than to opt for peachy, baby pink blushes? Highlighters, completely optional.

Ah, the pains of having a blush that’s too pigmented! But not to worry though, with a stippling brush from EcoTools, Milani’s Sunset Beach makes great waves on cheeks. This is a matte peach blush that borders on tangerine if applied heavily. It reminds me of overripe peaches. 🙂

The name for this one is Sunkissed but I personally don’t believe that you get that peachy glow if you’re sun-kissed. Nichido (a local brand) has this shade in stock permanently (I always see it on stock). If you’ve found the perfect peachy-glowy shade like what we have here, then you’ve hit a goldmine. Don’t leave home without it!

I’ve stayed away from this for a very long time, fearing that I’ll have the dreaded Barbie-pink doll cheeks. I didn’t think my warm tone can pull such a cool shade off, but you’ll never know unless you try. The disgustingly (in a good way) cheap Careline blush in Pinkish Blush is the good way to go for a barely-there, pink glow. Reminds me of Benefit’s Thrrrob.

Armed with my trusty Ecotools stippling brush (for that pigmented Sunset Beach) and blush brush from the Alicia Silverstone collection, I’m ready to face the glorious rays of summer. But who are we kidding, of course, the last few weeks of vacation! *does a happy stress-free dance* Yet, I don’t think summer will ever be complete without a trusty eReader (apart from the beloved makeup). Is the Kindle Touch a worth buy? I’m the perfect market for it (I think): I don’t care for the extra apps like the Fire and I just want the WiFi and memory (and battery!) for eBook reading. I’m having an inner war with my weakness for gadgetry mouse button, whether to purchase or to leave it on my Shopping Cart.

What do you think? 🙂


Sorry for the insanely long post and lots of pictures.



  1. kofykat · April 28, 2012

    i’ve been unable to find a proper blush to suit me. not sure why. I just suck at it i s’pose.
    I’m thinking I’d rather pick up an iPad. doesn’t that have a pretty book reading app?

    • Noi · April 28, 2012

      i’m always attracted towards delicate pinks and peaches, probably cause i’m yellow-tinged with Asian skin tone 🙂 hope you find yours soon! 🙂 hmm, i also considered iPad but the weight put me off 😦

      • kofykat · April 28, 2012

        really? i thought it’d be easy to carry around. And I’m yellow toned too.

  2. c0sm3ticaddicti0n · April 28, 2012

    I’m going for the Kindle Fire because of the apps and how fast and clear and pretty it is. If you only want to read, then the one you have picked out is very good for that and has a better battery life than the Fire would have.

    • Noi · April 28, 2012

      thanks for your two cents! 🙂 now im more convinced to get the Touch! 😛

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