ArtDeco’s Back, Philippine-style!

I recently did a mini-haul from Beauty Bar (more on that soon) and the ArtDeco stand pulled me right in. I remember seeing this brand from Rustan’s and Watson’s 2-3 years ago and it has since been pulled out. Now, it’s back! And it seems like the whole range has been shipped in to my shores.. comparing to their old booths way back, ArtDeco had not really been able to penetrate my local market.

I still have that waterproof lip liner (a nice pink-nude) in my trunk and still use it to this day. Now I’m lusting over the Perfect Sticks or the Camouflage Creams! I tried the Perfect Stick in-store and the shade No.5 in Natural Sand seemed like a good match. It has that thick-but-not-dry consistency too which I see myself having a long-term relationship with. The eyeshadow collection is also massive but I’m not so crazy about them. Rather, my eyes caught this nice taupe polish. 😛

Have you tried ArtDeco? What are your personal favorites? 🙂


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