Sassy Colors in Arabian Nights Gives Me Drama Minus the Tears

Everyone has to have a first time — your first date, that oh-so-momentous first kiss, the first love, and your first heartbreak. Needless to say, I am part of the minority, proclaiming that I haven’t had all those firsts yet. But I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer on a cheery Monday morning, who would want drama online when we’ve got lots of it in real time? šŸ˜€

Enter my first almost-black manicure. Ah, this is what I can jump into! Nothing dramatic like that first sloppy kiss (mine has yet to come), but this is not in any way sloppy in application. Sassy Colors is a cheap nail polish brand I’ve discovered in my local drugstore (Watson’s) and this shade is part of their Magnetic Polish line. I don’t do nail art whatsoever, magnetic included, so I bought three shades (Starstruck, Bewitched) without their boxes and magnetic thingamajigs. The price point’s pretty hefty for Sassy Colors, Php49.75 ($1.19), but the pigment (green or gray, depending on lighting conditions), multicolored glitter and opaqueness in two coats is worth it.

This is the third day after application and look, ma, no chips! The glossy shine is credited to the China Glaze First and Last top coat and without it, gloss isn’t really part of the picture. If you’re looking for high-shine lacquers, this can’t really give what you need. Dramatic on the long-wear and opaqueness, but crocodile tears on the glossiness and bordering-on-the-thick consistency.
I still wish Sinful Colors is readily available though.. and China Glaze and Color Club wouldn’t be so overpriced in my country—Php300; $7 (!!) per bottle! Now, that’s drama. šŸ˜


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