Victoria’s Secret Sheer Love Are Long Hugs in a Bottle

I was never a fan of anything Victoria’s Secret. I thought it was too frilly, and too sweet for my liking. Sure, I love the colors but most of the scents are just overkill. Sadly, we do not have a freestanding VS store so locals make do with online sellers and overpriced consigned outlets across the metropolis

I came across this Sheer Love scent when I dropped by a Personal Care Exchange branch at Robinson’s. Like what I always do, I just lurk around the VS display cabinet and admire the girly-ness of it all, and still expecting that I wouldn’t really be attracted enough to purchase. But right across my line of vision, like an unexpected bear-hug, I spotted Sheer Love—an unassuming pink bottle that’s infused with pink lily and white cotton. Cotton and lily—something inside my head clicked that this is the perfect pair that reminds me of cashmere, pearls, and 20-minute long hugs with steaming cocoa on hand.

And true enough, I got a whiff when I opened the bottle (the nozzle was Scotch-taped). Heaven. I’m not good in describing scents and notes and whatnot, but this, THIS is the perfect blend of sweet and clean. I particularly do not like too clean scents nor too sweet, Katy-Perry-ish ones, but Sheer Love takes the cake. For a 250mL bottle, it comes with a Php700 ($17) tag but you can buy cheaper ones online. I got the travel-sized lotion at eBay for Php171($4) so indeed, online sellers are gentler on the wallet.

What’s your favorite Victoria’s Secret scent? Are you into fruity, sweet or clean scents? 🙂


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