Nailing It: Beyond the Work-safe Neutrals

So far, I haven’t applied for anything yet—applied for a job, that is. My time is mostly taken by my community work (teaching out-of-school youth) and other related activities that pertain to what I fight for (electoral reforms, women’s rights, etc.). Despite the busy days, I still find myself doing my nails. It’s still a wonder to some of my closest friends how I can still maintain the nail upkeep while doing field work. That’s every vain girl’s little secret, I suppose. πŸ˜›

My September favorite was this nice muted gray-purple-taupe that I found for Php20($.50) at my local drugstore. An application of two coats does the color justice. It’s creme, without the added shimmer, glitter and whatnot. Applied with my favorite China Glaze First and Last top coat, this Sassy Colors in Cocoa Brown can last up to two weeks.. but I’m fickle. I change colors like a chameleon. πŸ™‚

Aside from the purpley taupe, another color for October suddenly came rushing in straight to my heart. This NYX Girls in Gentlemen Prefers Red is now my ultimate go-to for va-va-voom nails. First day of wearing it got me compliments, probably cause it’s my first time to wear red. YES, I DID IT! I conquered the fear and wore them like nobody’s business. No regrets though, and I can’t stop admiring them in the sunlight. πŸ˜€ Pure creme, a blood red, and as of today, it’s been five days with minor tip wear (that’s barely visible).

So those two gems would be the ones I’ll be going back to again and again.. but that doesn’t stop me from making a polish haul along the way. πŸ˜› A few days back, I got two BYS polishes in Urban Jungle and Antique Gold, and Girl Stuff polishes in Dare and Tina. The Urban Jungle is what I’ve been finding for—a muted minty green that doesn’t scream spring and daisies. The Antique Gold is an almost rose gold. Emphasis on the almost—still finding for that perfect rose gold w/o breaking the bank. Yep, no Essie/OPI/Butter London/Lippmann for me.

What’s your classic, never-fail, season-less polish colors? πŸ™‚


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