Human Nature Balancing Face Toner is Sweeter the Second Time Around

IMAG2815You remember that piece of cake/donut/cupcake/cookie that someone gave you a taste of? You know you love it when you can’t help but get a second helping of it. Or you go to the ends of the earth just to find where she had it made, or bought.

My Human Nature Balancing Face Toner with Elemi and Orange in my skincare arsenal is my ultimate chocolate chip cookie, without the extra calories on the thighs. My bottle finally was down to its last drop and I found myself buying another one. Same ingredients, same size, same price, same plastic bottle. What surprised me is the new design in front. I still love the previous design though, and I hope they bring the golden-colored lines on the new bottle. But that’s just me. 😛


The price never went up, or down, though so that’s a plus—Php109.75 ($2.68)! It’s as good as your department store and health store toners without breaking the bank. Plus, this company doesn’t test on animals, uses natural ingredients, is run by fellow locals, and gives back to society through their farmers. Learn more about the Balancing Toner here. IMAG2818I have oily/acne-prone/sensitive skin and this never broke me out. It actually helps in minimizing my oil slick throughout my day. What is your HG face toner or skincare product, and that you find yourself repurchasing the special snowflake? 🙂


If you live outside of the Philippines, Human Nature can deliver right to your doorstep through FedEx.


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